June 6, 2011

that one guy I want to call my boyfriend

Someone I can call my bestfriend

Comforts me when I'm upset

Holds my hand and makes sure everything will be alright

Dances with me even without music

Surprises me with kisses

Makes me laugh at things that aren't funny

By just seeing him, I start to get the most incredible feeling in my stomach

When I'm with him, he makes everything worth it

Being with him is the most amazing feeling in the world

And i feel like I'm the luckiest person in the world to have him beside me

heyyy, dont you think it is beautiful?

can i have this one my dear ?

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apple damein said...


DIARYroses said...

what hohohohoh? naaahhh, be like that guy okay brotha! :D

apple damein said...

hohohohoho dpt komen..hahahaha

DIARYroses said...

hahaha. okayyyy :D